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BenQ XR3501's

Steven Sep 18, 2017 07:25PM CDT

I recently moved Sim Racing setup into my garage (it’s air condition Just like being in the house)
Nothing was dropped or changed. The only thing that changed was physical location.
I have 3 Ben-q XR3501’s. All three have worked fine for the past year+. Now I have a problem I can’t figure out. When a game is executed all 3 monitors switch off. Ok so I check the games resolution everything is fine. It is correct. Then I proceed to try again same thing. I changed from full screen mode to windowed mode and same thing again. So now I’m thinking video card or power supply on my PC. I switch out PC’s to have the same exact problem.
I have routed and re-routed cables to be far apart from one another. Same problem
Ok so now I replace all the Display Port cables. Same problem again. Is it possible the power supplies going to the monitor all went bad?
The power delivered to PC & monitors is coming from two different outlets.
All 3 monitors work 100% fine not running a game.
PC 1 card 1080ti – i7-Kaby Lake 4.2 – 1000watt power supply
PC 2 card 1080 – i7-SkyLake 4.0 – 750watt power supply
When running only one monitor I still get the same problem. Which makes me think monitor and/or power supply for monitor but what are the chances of all the 3 monitors/power supplies for monitors going out at the same time?

I am truly stumped!

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Robert Sep 20, 2017 09:10AM CDT BenQ Agent

This is a puzzler! I don’t think the monitors or their power supply are the problem – they just wouldnt work at all, or intermittently, but not just every time a game is loaded. Does it do this with any game, or just one specific game? Have you tried rolling back your most recent Windows update, or recent nVidia update?

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