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Basic lamp power modes explained.

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2015 04:13PM CDT
ok, so there are three main lamp power modes: normal mode, economic mode and SmartEco mode.

1. Normal mode: pretty self-explanatory, the lamp is operating normally at full brightness with its full power draw as it should.

2. Economic Mode: in economic mode, the power supplied to the lamp gets reduced so that its life can be extended further than normal projected 3500-4000 hours (on average). Turning the lamp into this mode will, however, make the picture dimmer quite noticeably, but if you turn down all the lights, it will still be fine. This mode should be used most of the time when there is static content that must be displayed on the screen for longer periods of time or if you are OK with having reduced brightness, use the lamp in this mode for your everyday viewing.

3. SmartEco mode: this is where things get interesting. SmartEco mode is a little bit of both worlds and it does not sacrifice the picture quality. What SmartEco mode does is it reduces the power draw for the lamp dynamically depending on the content displayed. In the darker scenes, it increases the power to the lamp to normal, but in the bright scenes, it reduces the power to the lamp down to the level of the economic mode. This is what i recommend setting your projector to most of the time because its very well balanced and you get to extend the life of your lamp a little bit further.

I hope this clears up some things regarding the lamp power. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us or send us a question on our support page or send us an email at
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