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I am not getting any sound from my monitor!! HELP!

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2015 03:11PM CDT
Ok, so you got everything set up and you are wondering why there is no sound coming out of the built-in speakers on your monitor. What is going on? 

Well, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding sound and built in speakers on any display:
1. only certain inputs can carry audio signal along with video. Those are HDMI and Display Port and if you want to pass the audio through to the speakers, plug it into your PC or console via DP or HDMI. Remember, VGA=no audio and DVI=No audio.
2. If using a PC, you must pick the default audio device, provided you have plugged the monitor and your PC via HDMI or DP. To do that, go down to the lower right of your screen in the Windows task bar where your speaker icon and the clock is. right click on the speaker icon and select playback devices. this will bring up a list of all of the available audio devices, including speakers, headsets and audio-enabled displays. From there, find your BenQ monitor, right click on it and select "Set as Default." Voila! now you should be getting audio from your monitor's speakers. If you are not getting any audio, make sure that the monitor's audio settings are set correctly, i.e. it is not muted and the volume is set to a level where you can hear it.
3. Our XL line of monitors generally do not have any built in speakers in lieu of it being a high performance PC screen, but it does not mean that you cannot plug external speakers or a headset into it and still get audio that way, although I prefer getting my audio directly from the PC. Our RL monitors generally do have speakers in them, so you should be good to go.

Now, there is another way to get sound to the monitor, and that involves an extra cable. Say you have the XL2420Z monitor and want to take advantage of the 144hz, but your video card only has DVI-D outputs and no DP. What you can do if you still want to pass the audio through is to connect the monitor to your on board audio or your dedicated sound card with an AUX cable (3.5mm male to male audio cable). Every monitor that has speakers will have a 3.5mm input called "line in" for this exact purpose and this port is where you will plug in your audio cable. So, at this point you have a DVI-D cable for video and 144hz and the audio cable for, well, audio.

I hope this helps clear up the sound issues. if you are still experiencing issues with the sound out of your monitor, call us or shoot us an email at
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