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I get these weird vertical lines on my projected image? What do i do?

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2015 06:28PM CDT
Ok, so the lines are usually caused by a faulty DMD board. If you ever had to install a PCI expansion card on your PC, then you know what this looks like. Its a small board that houses the DLP chip as well as a couple of controller chips for the DLP (or sometimes called DMD) chip.As with all PCI boards, the gold connectors on the PCI slot can get damaged easily if not maintained properly. So, imagine that the PCI slot where the DMD board connects into the main board is clogged with dust or dirt or cigarette smoke residue  and the signal does not get through to the controller chips to tell the DMD chip what data to display, so you get vertical lines on the screen, and they can be wide or they can show up as pinstripes running either on one half of the image or the whole image.

below is what it typically looks like:

There is a temporary fix for this issue, and that entails pressing gently on the projector itself on the top just behind the lens. that will push the board back into the PCI slot and complete the connection. This sometimes does the trick, sometimes it does not, and if this does not help, please contact us at the customer support number or send us an email at
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