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OMG, I have a dead pixel on my screen! What do i do?

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2015 11:44AM CDT
Ok, so you get your monitor and you are ready for some sweet, awesome gaming, and notice a tiny red or green dot on your screen somewhere, and as much as you hope its something stuck on the screen, its a stuck pixel instead.

Not all hope is lost, however. There are a few ways to try and get rid of this. First is to run an impromptu "Burn-In" test, which just requires you to flash primary colors on the screen. There are videos out on YouTube that do that, and the longer you run the test, the better. All you need to do is search "Stuck Pixel fix 16:9" on YouTube.

Another way to fix this is to find the softest pencil eraser that you can find and massage the space around the pixel as well as the pixel itself. DO NOT PRESS TOO HARD OR YOU WILL CRACK THE LCD!!!!! after you have massaged it for a sufficient amount of time, the pixel should be relaxed enough for the LCD substrate to twist or switch to the normal position.

Finally, you may try "poking" the pixel and the space around it with your finger but again, don't press too hard and use your best judgement.

If neither of these things helped, please give us a call or send us an RMA to get the monitor replaced.
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