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Why are some of the settings in the menu greyed out and are inaccessible?

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015 08:58PM CDT
There are a few reasons why this may be the case.
1. it sometimes depends on the input that you use.
    Suppose that you are using HDMI with your W1070 or the HT1075 and you come across some settings that are           inaccessible; you can't highlight them or select them at all. This means that these seettings are only available on         analog inputs or PC inputs, like component or VGA input, sometimes called computer 1 or Computer 2. For                 example, the horizontal and vertical picture adjustment is only available through VGA and BASIC color temperature     adjustments also are only found on VGA, however other options do unlock, so to speak when you use HDMI that         are otherwise unavailable on VGA. One thing to mention is that with HDMI, since it is a digital source, some things       are preset to their best settings and cannot be changed. its a feature benefit, really.
2. It also depends on the preset picture mode that you are using
    Its right there in the words: preset mode, meaning that certain things are preset to their best settings by as                   professional calibrator and are left alone so that the picture always stays the way it was meant to be. Most of the         time, you don't even need to mess with the settings at all.
3. There is no source at all connected
    There needs to be a source connected to the unit to enable most settings for that input, so when there are no inputs,      you get basically nothing. Just plug something into the unit, and you will be good to go!
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