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How do I connect my projector to the USB Wireless dongle that I bought?

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015 05:05PM CDT
Ok, so first things first: if you have a newer projector, models from 2014 and later, then you will need a Black Wireless dongle, part number 5J.J3F28.A01. If you have an older projector that advertises wireless connectivity, the part number that you need is 5J.J0614.A21. Please confirm with us via phone or chat what dongle you need.
Ok, so once we sorted the dongle situation follow these steps (this is for Access Point (AP) mode only):
  1. Plug the dongle into the back of the projector, into the Type A USB port
  2. Make sure the projector is on, and change the source on the projector to “Network”
  3. Check: do you see the network quick guide screen? If yes, proceed, if no, go back and start from scratch
  4. On the Network Quick Guide screen, you will see all of the information regarding WLAN: SSID, IP address, and connection mode and status.
    1. Status should be “Connect”
    2. SSID should say EITHER “BenQ (model of projector)” or “Network Display”
    3. IP address should be valid, i.e. start with 192.168 or something to this effect.
  5. Now, once you verified all of this, let’s move to the PC side of the equation: on your PC, disconnect from your current Wi Fi network.
  6. Find the SSID that is shown on the projector in your list of available wireless networks.
  7. Right click on it and select “connect”
  8. It will connect and say that you have limited connectivity
    1. As a side note: the dongle will act as a small router broadcasting a peer-to-peer network without Internet access, therefore it will say “limited connectivity” in Windows
  9. Once you are connected, go to Internet Explorer (works best) and enter the IP address that you see on the projector into the address bar on IE.
  10. You should, at this point, see a downloads page for the program called Qpresenter. Go ahead and download it, follow the installation wizard.
    1. Make sure to select mirror driver in the wizard if not auto-selected
  11. Once Qpresenter is installed, run it (we are still on the projector’s wifi) and hit EITHER search on the main screen of the Program until it finds your model projector or manually enter the IP address into that screen and hit “Connect”
    1. Sometimes, it may appear that it connected to the projector, the screen on your PC will flash on and off as if you were sonnecting an external screen to it and resolution will change (most often, this happens on Windows 8), but there will still be no image on the projector. All you have to do then is reboot your PC and redo step 11.
  12. Once you see the screen of your laptop on the projector, you are all set and ready to go.
Note: if for some reason, you are not able to get past step 10, please email to request a manual link to Qpresenter, latest version.
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